Youth leader and 'equality' advocate lauds PGIN for championing holistic growth


Jun. 06, 2019 ...

Ilocano youth leader and gender equality advocate, Rogie U. Balino, lauds the scholarship program of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) for providing not only quality education, but also holistic growth.

A Sirib Young Leader scholar, he is incumbent Vice President for Operations of the non-government organization, Sirib Ilocano Kabataan Association Inc. (SIKA).

Balino is also the founder of Project E or Project Equality and Equity that focuses on seven sectors which are, gender, indigenous or ethnic groups, persons with disabilities (PWDs), men, women, the youth, and the less fortunate. The organization has grown with more volunteers and activities such as the info-drive campaigns not only for the LGBTQI+ groups but also for other equality and equity advocates in high school and college.

"My biggest challenge is time management but I was able to overcome this through balancing all civic and academic involvements," he shared.

He also expressed his gratitude to PGIN especially to Governor Imee Marcos and Senior Board Member Matthew Marcos Manotoc for providing opportunities to young leaders.

"The Sirib Young Leader Scholarship (SYLS) is a great help for everyone especially to my fellow youth because it's a good platform for us to be more active and productive in terms of leadership and in our academics."

"They helped me not only financially, but they are also the reason why I became an effective advocate and leader in the community," he explained.

Balino will receive his Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education Major in English tomorrow, June 7, at the Mariano Marcos State University Sunken Garden; graduating cum laude

At present, he is preparing for the Board Licensure Examination for Teachers (BLEPT) set next year.

When asked about his future plans, he said, "Since I am still part of SIKA, I'll concentrate more on developing projects and programs that would benefit the youth and continue inspiring and empowering them, but passing the boards is my topmost priority."

Balino is among the 84 beneficiaries of the SYLS of the PGIN-Ilocos Norte Youth Development Office who will graduate this year.