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"Tumba" highlights Ilocos Norte's Halloween bash

Published on 2022-11-04

Last Updated 2022-11-09 00:29:49

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The Tumba Festival of Paoay town highlighted the "day of the dead" commemoration and Halloween bash of the province of Ilocos Norte during the annual Semana ti Ar-Aria.

"Tumba" is a centuries-old tradition unique to the residents of the municipality of Paoay. Every year, the townsfolk come together to build makeshift huts where inabel tapestries – a traditional woven cloth of the Ilokano people, catafalques, and offerings for the dead are displayed and found inside. This festival highlights their distinct and solemn ways of honoring the spirits of the departed.

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc visited some huts and joined community elders in making local delicacies, such as "patupat," a delicacy made of glutinous rice, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in sugarcane juice; "linapet," a sticky rice cake or cassava cake with a ground peanut filling, and is also wrapped in banana leaves; and "sinukat," a glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk.

"On this day, talagang napaka-special ang munisipyo ng Paoay kase nobody does this celebration quite like Paoay," Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc said.

Meanwhile, commencing the return of the festival's face-to-face setting is the costume parade and contest which featured locals donning their costumes, from ordinary to horrifying, coming together, and walking the streets of the town.

Also, the Paoay Horror House has attracted crowds who will queue for hours, just to enter a maze-like path where Ilokano local mythology creatures such as the "mangmangkik" or the "pugot" can be seen at each turn.

Moreover, the celebration also featured the first-ever Pelikula Ilokana Film Exhibition at the Arte Luna Gallery which featured the works of homegrown filmmakers and was attended by hundreds of film students and enthusiasts.

The film exhibition aims to promote and preserve the Ilokano culture, heritage, and traditions and to serve as an avenue for thriving Ilokano filmmakers to show their passion and expertise in film making.

"Pelikula Ilokana is not just centered on horror films, it is more than that. Pelikula Ilokana Film Exhibition is a showcase of culture and traditions in a certain community. This is a celebration of a unique [Ilokano] culture," remarked Mr. Melver Ritz Gomez, founder of Ylocostar Films and Pelikula Ilokana Film Exhibition.

Furthermore, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte will conduct the "Parada Iloca-locana" and "Capitol Trick or Treat" on November 5, to conclude the celebrations.

The "tumba" of Paoay has been one of the most anticipated events during the celebration of the "Semana ti Ar-Aria", even setting a record-breaking number of attendees in the past.


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