‘Tiendaan ni Gob’ opens, features innovative Ilocos products


Feb. 04, 2016 ...

Hundreds of people participated in the opening of ‘Tiendaan ni Gob’ on Tuesday, February 2 at the Ilocos Norte Dap-ayan wherein various local products from the different cities and municipalities of the province will be displayed until Friday, February 5.

The annual event, which was launched in 2012, is part of the provincial government’s efforts to push for real economic growth and development by providing support to local entrepreneurs in promoting their products to a wider market.

A variety of native products and souvenir items including the sukang Iloco, bugnay and duhat wine, tupig (rice cake), rice coffee and bawang (garlic) delighted the consumers as well as the local officials who attended the opening ceremony.

Fresh vegetables from Marcos and Dingras as well as home decors from San Nicolas and Sarrat are also displayed.

Batac City’s booth drew interest for introducing ‘hydroponics,’ a modern method of growing plants without using soil. The technology uses plastic tubing wherein water is channeled to a continuous row of plants. Such technique results to better growth and greater yields.

Governor Imee Marcos said that this year’s trade fair showcases new and innovative products such as handicrafts from Nueva Era, tamarind juice from Dumalneg and abel(woven) products made by Magdalena Gamayo, a national treasure from Pinili.

She added that “the design and good packaging (of the products) has become a part of the sales package (and) it’s a good development.”

During the event, Gov. Marcos urged the farmers to expand their production especially the Ilocos garlic.

As support to them, the provincial government began exporting garlic to Manila and is currently partnering with different institutions in order to come up with better quality products and further improve the industry.

“We really need research and development, new products as well, like the black and pickled garlic and other (products made through the) value-adding process.”

‘Tiendaan ni Gob’ is in line with Ilocos Norte’s celebration of its 198th foundation anniversary organized by the provincial government.

Highlight of the celebration will be the ‘Open Capitol’ on February 5 wherein the Provincial Capitol will be opened to the public in order to promote transparency in governance as well as educate them about the programs and services offered by the provincial government.