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"Sustainable" Capitol, new stadium-park soon to rise

Published on 2020-02-08

Last Updated 2020-02-08 09:29:03

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Adapting to the growing developmental needs of its people while safeguarding the province's heritage, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte unveiled the architectural plans of the "Big 3" infrastructure projects, particularly the "sustainable" Capitol building and new Ferdinand E. Marcos (FEM) Stadium, last February 3.

One of the highlights of the 202nd founding anniversary celebration of the province is the commencement of the "2020 Ilocos Norte Development Masterplan," and in-depth discussion of the "Big 3" infrastructure projects.

The "Big 3" are the Provincial Capitol expansion building, the Ferdinand E. Marcos Stadium rehabilitation, and the Dap-ayan Center redevelopment.

According to Architect Rex Hofilena, the new Capitol design is based on the "heritage-inspired new Ilocos Norte architecture."

"The final design has to be anchored on heritage, Ilocano culture and tradition, and green architecture. The proposed Capitol now has an imposing dome at the center to symbolize authority," Architect Hofilena pointed out in his presentation.

"To describe the new Capitol, it is a heritage building—that is the core. Then the extension will be anchored with green architecture," he added.

Furnished with multiple green features, the new Capitol building will have a wind tower, sun breakers, solar-powered vent fans, a green roof, a rainwater harvesting facility, an irrigation system on the exterior building, a vertical garden, a hydraulic ram water pump that does not require electricity, and water cisterns.

"The dome is the wind tower. It will capture the wind currents and will bring it down into the interior of the building so you have natural ventilation," Architect Hofilena explained.

Meanwhile, Architect William Ti, the consulting architect of FEM stadium, designed the sports facility according to the social architecture approach. 

"The stadium has to be something that people can go to. It has to be accessible to everyone. It has to be open. The stadium is not only for the athletes but it will also serve the whole province," Architect Ti remarked.

The iconic structure is characterized by the connectivity of different facilities, vast space, simple structure, and distinct weaving design.

Moreover, the FEM stadium will be equipped with a "stadium-park," and a training center.

"We will build a training center for the athletes. This will be in the south part. It will serve as a connection between the park and the stadium.

"The idea is like we are building a cluster of sports facilities. The different structures are detached because we want it to feel like a village and not to be as heavy as the stadium. People can wander too," he expounded.

Fitting to the international standards, Architect Ti further emphasized that the stadium will also be a "cultural space" where Ilocano communities can celebrate their festivals, and academic institutions can maximize it.   

"Big 3" receives praises

Jesson R. Cid, the Iron Man of South East Asia, was pleased about the news of having a better stadium in the province, describing it as an "international" sports facility.

"Masaya ako na magkakaroon na tayo ng magandang venue para sa sports. Pang-competition na talaga. Isa ito sa magmo-motivate sa mga atleta natin. Nakita ko nga yung blueprint, at pang international ang dating. Bilang Ilocano, proud talaga ako na magkakaroon na ng maayos na stadium dito sa probinsya."

Cid also mentioned several points that will ease the struggles of athletes: "Ang mga atleta may experience pero minsan walang maayos na facility, pahirapan maghanap ng training venue. Pero ngayon, hindi na lang local games ang pwede nating i-host, pwede na ring international sports events. Pwede ng mag-training ang ibang bansa at mga ibang national teams dito sa stadium kasi world-class na."

Likewise, highly-acclaimed Architect Miguel Guerrero lauded the Province of Ilocos Norte for its commitment to building green architectures, saying, "Ilocos Norte is leading by example. They have three major infrastructure projects and they insisted that these have to be green and sustainable. They are doing it and setting the lead."


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