‘RAKENROL’ musical play to highlight Marcos Fiesta celebration


Sep. 09, 2015 ...

In celebration of President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ 98th birthday anniversary, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) will produce for the first time a full-length musical play dubbed as ‘RAKENROL’ on September 11, 2015, 7:00 PM at Mariano Marcos State University’s Teatro Ilocandia, Batac.

‘RAKENROL’, as director Jeremy dela Cruz described it, is a story about “love and appreciating our past events.”

The play will take the audience on an immersive musical journey to the 1970s, a decade when ‘Manila Sound’ flourished and considered to shape the modern music scene in the country.

An original song entitled ‘Rakenrol’ composed by acclaimed Filipino novelty composer Mr. Dennis Castillo will be highlighted during the play together with hit songs by Hotdog, Juan dela Cruz, Freddie Aguilar, Labuyo, VST, and Rico J. Puno,

Dela Cruz explained that ‘RAKENROL’ is “not purely entertainment” as “just like the rock and roll genre of music which is characterized as hard and strong, the musical represents the strength and perseverance of Ilocanos.”

Last July, the provincial government conducted a series of role auditions which were attended by several Ilocano youth.

John Lennon Simisim and Winchelle Rumbaoa of Mariano Marcos State University were cast to play as the main characters Martin and Yolly, respectively.

 “RAKENROL is new for the Ilocanos. Behind it is a real story and we integrated in the play the three elements of theater which are acting, singing and dancing. Details suiting the Ilocano audiences have been also added,” revealed dela Cruz.

Last year, the Marcos Fiesta celebration was highlighted by a theatrical performance and choreographed dances portraying the milestones of President Marcos’ life.

When asked about the potential of Ilocos Norte in the field of theater and musical play, dela Cruz said that “the province has a promising future when it comes to this form of art as Ilocanos are very creative and competitive.”

“Gradually, when we invest in more time to expose Ilocanos in the proper process of creating this art, we will not only stage musical plays but also revive and strengthen the Zarzuela and Comedia Ilocana,” dela Cruz added.

Governor Imee R. Marcos is keen on developing the talents of Ilocanos in acting, directing, choreography and production design through the “Looking for Johnny Moon Workshop,” a flagship arts’ program of the provincial government.

Meanwhile, the musical play will also showcase the brilliant collaborative efforts of talented Ilocanos: the director Jeremy dela Cruz, a faculty of the University of the Philippines, hails from Batac, the choreographer Rowell Tagatac works at Mariano Marcos State University with Sherberk F. Cabrales of the internationally acclaimed Samiweng Singers serving as vocal coach.

“I know it is difficult to produce this musical play in a short span of time but with the patience and extraordinary talents of the local artists, we can produce one with quality,” noted dela Cruz.