PGIN Office Committed to Strengthening Investment Ties in Ilocos Norte


Apr. 26, 2022 ...

The Ilocos Norte Trade and Investment Promotions Center (INvest), a three-year-old office in the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN), continues to undertake investment promotion operations to attract local and foreign investors that will help the province progress and stimulate the economy.

INvest is created through Chapter IV of the Provincial Ordinance No. 061-2019, also known as the "Ilocos Norte Investment Code of 2019."

"With its strategic location, vast natural resources, well-implemented peace and order, competitive business environment, reasonable cost of doing business, and supportive provincial and local government units, Ilocos Norte is more than ready for further growth, which is why INvest is founded. We are here to promote Ilocos Norte as a gateway for trade and investments in Northern Philippines and Southeast Asia," Mr. Jefferson V. Baloaloa, Internal Auditor III and INvest’s Officer-in-Charge, remarked.

The office's investment promotion operations are focused on the primary industries of Ilocos Norte, particularly agribusiness, tourism, manufacturing, mining, renewable energy, and services.

Apart from actively promoting Ilocos Norte as an "ideal business destination" for local and international trade fairs, INvest also builds bridges between the Provincial Government and the private sector as well as between investors and entrepreneurs to make product and service marketing easier. In addition, INvest is committed to ensuring that people's groups, non-government organizations, and the general public are fully involved in PGIN's investment-related operations.

INvest also offers services to investors in the province such as providing information on investment opportunities, business procedures, permit requirements, and government regulations; assisting investors in completing government regulatory agency requirements; making referrals to relevant institutions; organizing appointments, itineraries, and site visits, including logistical support; updating on major infrastructure projects; and advocating for policy reforms to improve the investment climate of Ilocos Norte.

Moreover, the INvest is in charge of the I-CARE DESK, a centralized application and requirement evaluation desk that helps with investor registration, permit acquisition, and relevant licensing to expedite the processing of necessary documents.

At present, the Provincial Investment Board is amending the "Ilocos Norte Investment Code of 2019" to ensure that it remains relevant and purposeful in light of ongoing advancements in various sectors.

“We are still in the process of reviewing and updating the existing code to make it more relevant, competitive, and more importantly, user-friendly to the investors and implementers of the code,” Mr. Baloaloa concluded.

Visit INvest.ilocosnorte.gov.ph.