Marcos Fiesta Job Fair records 23% hired on the spot


Sep. 23, 2016 ...

Out of the 630 applicants who participated in the Marcos Fiesta Job Fair held at Robinsons Activity Area in San Nicolas town on September 9, 2016, 142 Ilocanos were hired-on-the-spot.

This was equivalent to 23% of the total applicants, according to Provincial Employment and Services Officer Lizette Bitancor.

According to Leonabella Duldulao, Department of Labor and Employment Officer in Ilocos Norte Field Office, the activity was considered a success, because it surpassed the 15% requirement of having hired on the spots out of the total number of applicants.

Duldulao also said that more than half of the applicants were qualified for various positions based from the assessment of employers.

"Through this job fair, several were already given jobs. They only have to comply with their employer's requirements," she added.

Six overseas and 42 local companies joined the Marcos Fiesta Job Fair. They offered positions including store supervisors, sales consultant, finance head, call center agents, marketing officers, credit investigators, hotel workers, bakery workers warehouse personnel, construction workers, and pharmacists.

There were also jobs which do not require work experience and high educational attainment, added Duldulao.

The Department of Education also participated in the activity, ready to employ junior and senior high school teachers.

Overseas companies also offered jobs such as staff nurses, dental technicians as well as skilled workers.

The annual Marcos Fiesta Job Fair is in line with the program of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte to provide and generate more jobs to Ilocanos.

It was the kick-off event of the 99th birthday celebration of Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos organized by non-government organizations including Sirib Ilokano Kabataan Association, Rotary Club of Metro Ilocos Norte and Bakers and Restaurants Association of Ilocos Norte.