Manang Imee's Capitol Express provides new armchairs to two San Nicolas elementary schools


Mar. 04, 2016 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) through Manang Imee's Capitol Express (CapEx), its roving one-stop shop delivering frontline services to rural areas,  centered on two elementary schools in Barangays 23 and 24 of the Town of San Nicolas.

CapEx was launched in July 2013 as a yearly mobile consulting and distributing of much-needed supplies and equipment to those in need, with sustainable livelihood as the dominant goal. This year, it began its rounds throughout Ilocos Norte in February 21.

Through the Provincial Education Department, Mr. Bernardino Vicente, principal of Barabar Elementary School, channeled his request after 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Amancia Domingo relayed the lack of chairs in the classrooms.

She reported that students were having difficulty concentrating on their lessons, as not all of them would have a proper place to sit and work on their seatwork.

Suffering the same problem, Pasion Barangan Elementary School in Brgy. 24 was also a recipient of new armchairs.

"I am very, very thankful to Governor Imee, who is like a mother to our province, for her constant support to our school and prioritizing education in the whole Ilocos Norte," Domingo said in Ilocano.

During CapEx's visit to Sta. Cecila, Bernardino praised the quick response of PGIN to their request, thanking Governor Imee R. Marcos for being concerned for the welfare of Ilocanos throughout the entire province, even reaching far-flung areas, and for listening to the needs of the different sectors.