Macoy Fest commemorates FEM's legacy


Sep. 12, 2019 ...

The Province of Ilocos Norte commemorated the contributions of the late President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr. in nation-building through the Macoy Fest, a week-long celebration which started on September 7.

The annual conduct of the Macoy Fest is spearheaded by the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte. It aims to recall the patriotism, bravery, and intellectual excellence of the late President in hope that these would inspire the same nationalism among the present generation.

Various activities were held throughout the province. Its newest addition includes a wall art painting along the Sirib Mile in Laoag City. Over 100 creative Ilocano artists participated in the mural street art which highlighted the heritage, history, and culture of the province.

Last September 7, a job fair was also conducted during the kickoff of the Macoy Fest celebration to provide more employment opportunities to Ilocano job seekers, especially to those with civil service service eligibility.

Moreover, the 'Nateng' (vegetable) cook-off was held at the Robinsons Place activity area, featuring old and new Ilocano vegetable dishes aside from the famous 'dinengdeng' — FEM's favorite dish. The cook-off was participated by repressentatives from Local Government Units (LGUs).

To show support to the memorable deeds of the late President, hundreds of Marcos loyalists also attended the simultaneous thanksgiving mass and wreath-laying ceremony in the City of Batac and Municipality of Sarrat, yesterday.

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc in his speech assured that his grandfather, President FEM is now gladly watching the Ilocanos who were united on his birthday: "102 years ago, a Batacqueño was born. Aftar all these years, I am sure that he is cheerfully looking down upon us as we celebrate, honor, and remember his great legacy."

Furthermore, Mayor Remigio Medrano of Sarrat expressed his admiration to FEM:

"We are all proud here in Sarrat because the greatest President in our country came from our town. He became our motivation, our idol, and our role modelHe is the greatest president of all time, no matter how other people rewrite history," he emphasized.

Literary, arts activities intensify youth participation

As part of the Provincial Government's bid to make Ilocos Norte a "learning hub," the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office continues to open opportunities for the youth to develop their skills and talents through the conduct of various literary and arts competitions.

Among the usual contested events participated by secondary schools are quiz show, contemporary dance, vlog making, speech choir, and debate cup; while little "Ferdie and Imelda" look-alike and singing contests were competed in by elementary pupils.

"Our province is fortunate to have such an active youth sector stepping out with initiative and passion to do their part to create and develop our great home. We believe that you have so much potential which is why the Provincial Government has so much to offer to all of you," Gov. Marcos Manotoc said.

As former Senior Board Member, Gov. Marcos Manotoc was the Chairman of the Committee on Education, alongside being the former chair for Youth and Sports Development. Most of his ordinances and resolution were centered on on youth holistic development.