Latest Ilocos Norte-Shandong partnership to boost agri, trading


Aug. 29, 2019 ...

As part of strengthening the friendly cooperation between Ilocos Norte and Shandong through reciprocal visit of working teams, Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc welcomed the fourth batch of delegates from Weifang City, Shandong at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall, today.

Leading the delegation is Director Zhu Lanxi of Administrative Comission of the Weifang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. He is with Director Dou Binagchao of the Economic Development Bureau of Weifang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Chairman and General Manager He Bo of the Investment and Development Co.,Ltd., and Chairman Zhang Jianguo and General Manager Shi Xiaolei of the Shandong Sante Energy Corporation Co., Ltd..

"Shandong has been a sister province [of Ilocos Norte] for decades and we always enjoy our close relationship. We look forward to building on that friendship today," remarked Gov. Marcos-Manotoc.

"We hope for productive and profitable partnerships for all of us," he added.

The 5-day visit intends to discuss economic and trade projects with local government units. Furthermore, it aims to effectively sustain the communication between each province's foreign affairs department; deepen industrial development and cooperation, including tourism, maritime and fishery, livelihood, and cultural exchange.

Applauding the province, Director Zhu Lanxi said:

"The beauty of your natural resources gave us a very good impression [about your province]. We are pleased to be invited by the Honorable Governor.

"Weifang and Ilocos Norte have a lot of opportunities to work on together. This is a very big agricultural province. In Weifang, 10% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is from agriculture and trading.  We are looking forward to trading our agriculture [products] as we strengthen the cooperation between our two countries."

"Shandong and Ilocos Norte are sister province and I wish for our long friendship," he ended.

On August last year, the previous Shandong delegation drafted an action plan that looked into establishing partnerships, particularly in infrastructure construction and food processing and manufacturing.