"Kuryente Mo, Sagot Ko" Program to include public secondary schools as beneficiaries


Aug. 13, 2019 ...

To provide equal assistance and opportunities to both public elementary and secondary schools in Ilocos Norte, Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc will also consider public secondary schools to be included as beneficiaries of the Kuryente Mo, Sagot Ko Program.

Gov. Manotoc confirmed the inclusion of secondary schools during a press conference, saying, "We will continue our Kuryente Mo, Sagot Ko Program and we will be considering secondary schools next year. We will be studying the mechanics and criteria of the program to identify the beneficiaries."

The Kuryente Mo, Sagot Ko Program was established by former governor Senator Imee. R. Marcos in 2014 which subsidizes electrical bills of public elementary schools (ES) in the province.

A total of 235 poorest schools in the province were supported by the Provincial Government through the said program.

"We will expand and rebalance scholarships" - Gov Manotoc

One of his priorities is to further expand the scholarship programs and adjust the number of its beneficiaries.

"We will expand, and at the same time, rebalance our scholarships. We have seen that the number of scholars for the leadership scholarship is too much compared to the academic and athletic scholarships. We will make sure that only the potential and the needy scholars will be qualified for the scholarships," Governor Manotoc explained.

Thousands of scholars from the Sirib Academic Scholarship, Sirib Young Leaders Scholarship, Sirib Community Leaders Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, and Technical-Vocational (Tech-Voc) Scholars have been given assistance since the start of the implementation of the scholarship programs.