"INfiltrate the cracks" - Gov Marcos points out age-old problems overcome in Ilocos Norte


Mar. 13, 2017 ...

Governor Imee R. Marcos shared during the Asian CEO Forum on March 8 that outmigration has been Ilocos Norte's perennial problem steadily being addressed since she sat as governor in 2010.

While migration alone is not a bad thing, she pointed out that it had led to overdependence on dollar remittances which then hindered the growth of local industries like the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and the hospitality and tourism sector.

According to her, young Ilocanos began questioning why economic progress seemed to require leaving home and working far away from their families.

"The challenge clearly was to build a livable, sustainable, and resilient Ilocos Norte where migration was a choice: either stay home to make a decent wage for your family, or migrate overseas to earn, learn, and quickly return," she pointed out.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies Accenture and Alorica opened and began operations last year, a testament to Governor Marcos' aggressive measures in providing more jobs to a large Ilocano capital.

The companies employed thousands of young professionals, helping to eliminate the mentality that migration is the only viable choice for them to support their families.

Addressing business tycoons from the biggest companies in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia, she concluded her speech with an invitation to investors.

"Help us generate secure, well-paying jobs that will keep mothers and fathers at home with their children so that soon, leaving home will simply be another choice," Governor Marcos urged.