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Ilocos Norte's "Move IN" offers incentives to long term visitors

Published on 2021-05-27

Last Updated 2021-05-31 01:15:08

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) is now offering an exclusive card to remote workers, students, investors, and other non-residents of Ilocos Norte who are willing to live, study, or work in the province, through the "Move IN" project.

The "Move IN" is an incentive project initiated by the Ilocos Norte Trade and Investment Promotions Center (INvest) Office that serves as an identification card, discount card, and a Safe Pass QR Code to the holder, who shall also be given access to priority services provided by  partner merchants.

Target recipients of the project include local or foreign employees who intend to do work-from-home (WFH), students who are currently enrolled in a Distance Learning Program, citizens who want to spend their retirement in the province for a certain period of months, employees who have flexible functions aside from WFH arrangements and chooses to stay in the province for a certain period of months, and  investors who want to establish business in the province, provided that he or she conforms with the requirement stipulated in the Ilocos Norte Investment Code of 2021.

"Ang 'Move IN' project ay under pa rin ng Re-imagine to Stimulate Economy (RISE) economic recovery program ng PGIN para matulungang bumalik ang ating ekonomiya. This time naman, the strategy is to bring outside money inside the province, na makukuha natin through these non-residents of Ilocos Norte who want to work, study, or live in the province," Ms. Soya Cheng-Bueno, INvest Office Head.

"Through 'Move IN' card, mae-enjoy nila ang iba't ibang perks na ipro-provide ng partner merchants natin like food establishments, drugstores, and we're looking into partnering with gasoline stations, businesses on real estate, boarding houses, and other accommodations, and other non-essential establishments like home appliances centers. In addition, we can also facilitate 'yong entry nila dito sa Ilocos Norte. So these are the some of the perks that we will offer," Ms. Bueno further discussed.

INvest is now accepting interested applicants for the "Move IN".


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