Ilocos Norte's crime rate drops, but traffic accidents soar


Dec. 12, 2019 ...

The Province of Ilocos Norte maintains its "generally peaceful" status in terms of crime incidents however, the rise of traffic accidents is quite alarming, Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Office (INPPO) reported during the Multi-Council Meeting of Provincial Peace and Order Council at the Provincial Capitol Auditorium, last December 4.

Also present in the meeting are representatives from Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council and Provincial Development Council.

According to PLtCol. Rafael Lero, Operations Officer of INPPO, from January 1 to November 30 this year, there is a slight decrease of 4% in the total crime incidents compared to the data from last year.

The index crimes dropped from 184 to 126 cases or 24% and there is also 33% decrease in non-index crimes from 524 to 270 cases.

Index crimes involve crimes against person such as murder, homicide, physical injury, and rape, and crimes against property such as robbery, theft, and carnapping/carjacking while non-index crime is the violation of special laws.

Despite the INPPO's relentless efforts in maintaining peace and order in the province, the public safety index has increase from 888 to 1,093 vehicular accidents or 27% compared to the same period of time.

Reckless imprudence resulting in physical injury records the highest with 77% increase (from 287 to 507 cases), reckless imprudence resulting in homicide with 6% (from 48 to 51 cases) and reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property with 2% rise (from 523 to 535 cases).  

Cited causes of vehicular traffic accidents were drunk driving, human error, lack of skills, and lack of road signages, among others. 

In efforts to curb the escalating number of road incidents in the province, Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc calls for intensified implementation of traffic laws, particularly for motorcycle riders.

"Please be responsible and safe. Always remember to wear your helmet, have your documents in hand, and make sure that all of your motorcycle accessories are in check. Nababasa ko na halos everyday may aksidente tayo and we are implementing these rules for everyone's safety," he reminded.