Ilocos Norte records Php 45 million agri, livestock loss due to 'Ineng'


Aug. 26, 2019 ...

Losses incurred by rice farmers and animal raisers in the province have reached Php 45,310,491 million as to latest record due to continuous and heavy rainfall caused by Severe Tropical Storm (STS) "Ineng" (International name: Bailu) last August 23.

A huge number of water buffaloes, cows, goats, pigs, and chickens in highly-vulnerable areas were among those primarily affected. Initial reports from the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVet) tallied a total of PHP3.4 million in the Municipality of Vintar alone.

In the press briefing yesterday, August 25, Mr. Marcell Tabije, Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Development Officer pointed out his dismay on high animal death toll in the province.

"As early as June 2019, we have already issued an advisory to our counterparts asking them to secure their animals and livestock in a higher ground on the onset of rainy season, but apparently this was not observed," he expressed.

Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Loida Valenzuela also pointed out the "lack of vigilance" and "overconfidence" of farmers and animal raisers, saying, "Based on our investigation, masyadong naging kampante ang mga [animal] raisers dahil signal no. 1 lang tayo. Hindi na nila inuwi 'yung mga hayop, nilagay na lang nila malapit sa ilog."

Furthermore, Dr. Valenzuela reminded the animal raisers to keep their animals rested. The Provincial Veterinary Office will provide multivitamins to sustain them.

Reiterating the need to improve the animal shelter program of the province, Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc said, "Animal shelters are a concern. We need to take a hard look and take immediate and necessary action to improve our animal shelters."  

Moreover, the Provincial Government is advising the people to avoid consuming dead livestock to prevent acquiring illness and encouraging everyone to practice the Department of Health's (DOH) 4S Strategy (search and destroy breeding sites, seek early consultation, self-protect, and say "yes" to fogging only in hotspot areas) to prevent additional number of dengue cases after the onslaught of STS "Ineng."