Ilocos Norte PHO conducts urine screening for Kidney Awareness Month


Jun. 03, 2016 ...

Joining the National Kidney Month this June, the Ilocos Norte Provincial Health Office (PHO) started to conduct urine screening among public elementary pupils in the different parts of the province.

Provincial Health Officer Josephine Ruedas stated the importance of early detection of kidney diseases among children, “that is why we are targeting elementary pupils particularly Grade V and VI.”

Ruedas added that Urinary Tract Infection is common among children nowadays because of the increase of their junk food consumption. The activity thus aims to “identify children with kidney infections and prevent them as early as possible.”

Moreover, PHO will provide free medicine to children diagnosed with such infection.

According to the Department of Health, kidney disease remains as one of the top 10 causes of death among Filipinos, in addition to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, ulcer and chronic lung diseases.

Kidney failure can be prevented by taking at least eight glasses of water daily, balanced diet, avoiding excessive salt intake and good personal hygiene.

PHO advised the public that if the symptoms of kidney diseases (including presence of blood in urine, pain when urinating, swollen ankles and loin pain, among others) are felt, seek immediate treatment from health authorities.

Aware of the fact that millions of Filipinos are unable to afford kidney treatment, Governor Imee Marcos said that prevention, starting from the children, is still the best step to ensure healthy kidneys.

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte continues to provide health care services to Ilocanos through the Silpo ti Biag (Lifeline) 707 Project and Point-of-Care wherein indigent Ilocanos who are non-members of Philhealth confined in government hospitals can avail of free hospitalization and medicines.