Ilocos Norte opens mental health center


Oct. 12, 2020 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte, through the leadership of Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc, officially inaugurated and launched its mental health center and hotline last October 9, 2020 at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena, Laoag City.

In line with the celebration of World Mental Health Day, the "Speak up, I'm here" Center and Hotline aims to provide psychological first aid to people who need mental support, especially at this time of the pandemic.

A veteran guidance counselor, a psychometrician, and two (2) hotline staff are in charge of the center's operation. 

Moreover, the next initiatives under the "Speak up, I'm here" include series of information caravan on mental health awareness, online activities for positive mental health practices, and partnership with experts for continuous training of the psychological first aiders.

In his message, Governor Manotoc underscored the importance of "openness, acceptance, and care" for a person to come out and talk about their mental health.

"There is no shame in saying that you have bad days, you feel depressed, or you feel hopeless. I think ending the stigma is the first step. We need a cultural shift— that paradigm change to occur at all levels in all places."

Visit "Speak up, I'm here" Center on the first floor of Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena, Laoag City or call its 24/7 hotline at 09219529236 or 09664620706 for counseling and other mental health assistance.