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Ilocos Norte moves to overcome two pandemics

Published on 2021-02-24

Last Updated 2021-03-10 08:43:05

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Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc announced yesterday through a press briefing, his present plans and the continuing efforts of the Provincial Government to overcome the detrimental effects of the concurrence of two pandemicsļ¼¨COVID-19 and the African Swine Flu (ASF) . 

Almost a year since the province was put on lockdown, Ilocos Norte now strives to prepare for a COVID-19 immunization program through the conduct of mock vaccinations. On the other hand, as one of the remaining three (3) ASF-free provinces in Mainland Luzon, provincial officials double their efforts to safeguard both livestock and pork products amidst the soaring food prices throughout the country. 

"COVID-19 and ASF have been our focus recently. We already know that our vaccination simulation has started. Also for the ASF, we are in the process of drafting an Executive Order, basically limiting the number of sales and outflow of pork products to ensure na hindi tayo ma-shortage dito sa Ilocos Norte," Gov. Marcos Manotoc said. 

Aside from conducting mock vaccination rollouts in the different host cities and municipalities, the Provincial Task Force Salun-at is likewise strategizing for a COVID-19 vaccination public information campaign in cooperation with local media outfits. Community and religious leaders and agencies in both public and private sectors were also tapped to increase the confidence level of the Ilokano community in terms of their reception of the vaccine. 

At present, Ilocos Norte's acceptance of the vaccine is estimated at 60%, and with the Governor stating his willingness to receive the vaccine in public, the Task Force anticipates an increase in the figure. 

Meanwhile, the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVet) has been subjecting most live hogs to ASF laboratory testing. The movement restriction, especially the outflow of livestock, is being strictly implemented. Moreover, border officers were ordered to include private vehicles on their cargo inspection to ensure that the ban in the inflow of pork and pork-based products in the province is in place.

Currently, the cost of pork in Ilocos Norte  ranges from Php 230.00 to Php 240.00 a kilo, compared to the Php 380.00 of nearby provinces. PVet urged hog raisers to "protect" our supply to maintain stable prices. 

Gov. Marcos Manotoc recognized the efforts of all concerned officials, saying: 

"Thank you to all our doctors and officials, our COVID [-19] team for really stepping up despite all the challenges."


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