Ilocos Norte Launches Website to Promote Investment, Business Opportunities


May. 16, 2022 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) has launched “INvestIlocos Norte,” a website dedicated to promoting investment and business opportunities in the province.

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc has been pushing for the creation of a digital platform to introduce the investment opportunities found in Ilocos Norte such as food and agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, responsible mining, and business process outsourcing, according to Mr. Jefferson V. Baloaloa, Internal Auditor III and Officer-in-Charge of the Ilocos Norte Trade and Investment Promotions Center (INvest).

“The website started to go live on November 22, 2021. Since everyone is constantly online and everything is available on the Internet, Governor Marcos Manotoc and our Office decided to develop 'INvestIlocos Norte' to make information about our province more accessible," Mr. Baloaloa explained.

The website includes information about Ilocos Norte's profile, various INvest publications, investment considerations such as high quality of life, strategic location, government support and incentives, a reasonable business environment in Ilocos Norte, and facts about the identified investment thrust areas.

"Though the website is up and running, it is still a work in progress, and some of the functions are not fully working yet. However, we receive inquiries regularly via email and telephone due to the contact information provided on the website," he added.

Apart from its offline operations, the INvest office is working to improve its internet presence to attract domestic and international investors to the province.

"Ilocos Norte is in such a strategic location and we want to make the most of the province's resources responsibly. We can offer quality services and incentives to our investors, which can provide job opportunities for our people, increase the number of local entrepreneurs, and eventually grow our economy. This effort of the Provincial Government is all for the people of Ilocos Norte," Mr. Baloaloa expressed.

The INvestIlocos Norte website is developed and managed by Mr. Erwin Maximo, Web Developer of the PGIN Information Technology Department.

Visit INvest.ilocosnorte.gov.ph.