Ilocos Norte is first to use Automated Multi-Crop Drying Machine in Philippines


Oct. 26, 2020 ...

The Province of Ilocos Norte is again maximizing agricultural innovations to sustain its food security through the use of the first Automated Multi-Crop Drying Machine (AMCDM) in the Philippines.

On October 23, the Sustainable Development Center (SDC) headed the test run of the machine at the Takuat Training Center in San Nicolas town.

"This (AMCDM) is first of its kind in the country. Through this, we aim to help our farmers and the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in the province. We can process their surplus produce and preserve it for longer shelf life. Also, we can utilize this for export," SDC Head Mr. Edwin Cariño said. 

Dr. Lorcelie B. Taclan, who is from Pasuquin town and the brainchild of the manual form of the multi-crop drying machine, worked together with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to upgrade the machine into an automated heat pump dryer. 

"The heating temperature of the machine is 35-50 centigrade. We will not be cooking the commodities; instead, we will be drying only.

"We do not need to put any chemical to preserve the commodities, assuring that the nutritional content and pigment of the commodities are retained," Dr. Taclan explained. 

The duration of the drying process for each kind of vegetable varies. In the case of dragon fruit, which was used in the test run, the drying process lasted for 33 hours.

Lauding this innovation, Vice Governor Cecilia Araneta-Marcos remarked: "I am sure that because of this (AMCDM), our food security will be really intact, and we will be able to keep the Ilokanos healthy."