Ilocos Norte holds mock COVID-19 vaccination


Feb. 17, 2021 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte's Task Force Salun-at led the conduct of a mock COVID-19 vaccination yesterday, February 17, at the Civic Center of Solsona town.

About 100 barangay frontliners participated in the vaccine roll-out. Rural Health Unit personnel of the province's East District, including Laoag City representatives, and local medical professionals were also present to observe.

"We must prepare our healthcare system to deliver the vaccine safely to all the recipients," remarked Dr. Norman P. Rabago, Ilocos Norte's Vaccination Program Head Consultant.

Dr. Rabago explained the vaccination scheme step-by-step which he said took the province's team of experts two (2) months to craft:

The first station was a designated pick-up point at the barangay. From there, a limited number of individuals from priority sectors were ferried to the waiting area of the vaccination hall. They were required to wear a face mask and face shield. Police officers were present in the area to ensure social distancing among individuals. A staged "anti-vaccine rally" was also effectively dispersed by the police.

Upon entering the vaccination hall, the person's temperature was checked and was required to register through a contact-less QR code, which will be provided by the National DOH during the real vaccination roll-out, and fill out a health declaration form. Meanwhile, BHERTS and BHW have been conducting a pre-registration of individuals who are willing to be vaccinated.

Moving on, a Counseling and Final Consent Station was put up. A video discussing the benefits and safety of the vaccine was played. Questions from residents regarding the vaccine were answered by health professionals and then participants were asked to willfully sign the consent. Experts reminded that COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory.

After consenting, participants proceeded to the Screening Station where their blood pressure and temperature were checked to determine the preparedness of their body in receiving the vaccine. Participants deemed fit were asked to proceed to the Vaccination Area where the actual inoculation was done. The antiseptic technique, handwashing, and proper disposal of medical waste were observed.

Finally, a Post-vaccine Monitoring Station was put up to treat severe possible allergic reactions to the vaccine.

"Your friendly health staff is preparing for your safety and we are ensuring everything in our capacity and our expertise to immediately attend to rare side effects and address other problems that may arise," expressed Dr.Rabago.

Earlier this year, Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc announced that the province secured 120,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine which will benefit 60,000 individuals.

Recently, Gov. Marcos Manotoc certified as urgent the Provincial Resolution for the reprogramming of the utilize balance of the 2020 Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Task Force Salun-at will also conduct mock vaccination roll-out in the South, Central, and North Districts of the province.