Ilocos Norte crime rate down by 60%


Jan. 23, 2017 ...

Citing a strong partnership with the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) and their relentless drive against crime, Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Office (INPPO) Provincial Director Jose Melencio Nartatez Jr. shared that crime in Ilocos Norte has fallen significantly.

With 1,500 reported index crimes in 2015, the figure dropped to 600 at the end of 2016, indicating a decrease by 60%.

"The decrease in crime rate is a good indicator that we have effective measure in the prevention of the occurrence of crimes," Nartatez said.

On crime solution efficiency, he noted that INPPO's investigation efforts increased from 65% to 80% this2016.

Alongside the increase of focus police operations and crime efficiency, INPPO continues to strengthen the competence of their officers' through the Capability Enhancement Program (CEP).

Through the CEP, police officers undergo series of physical examinations and firearm skill tests to ensure that they are fit for any operation.

INPPO is also intensifying recruitment to ensure that there will be no drop in police number.

  •  was also happy to report that during the Yuletide Season, no tourists were harmed or involved in any focus crime, and no fire shooting incidents happened.

He shared INPPO's goal this 2017: "to intensify the prevention of the occurrences of street crimes, further enhance our investigative solution, further increase the number of arrest involving illegal drugs and illegal firearms and strengthen the capability enhancement program."

Governor Imee R. Marcos has expressed Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte's full support to INPPO's plan to fight criminality in the province in line with her vision ofvision for development which includes heightened public safety under the campaign for a "livable" province (makaay-ayo a pagnaedan).