Ilocos Norte celebrates FEM’s legacy thru 4th Marcos Fiesta


Sep. 14, 2015 ...

Thousands of Ilocanos and Marcos loyalists from the different parts of
the country gathered in Ilocos Norte last week to mark the 98th birthday
anniversary of Ilocos Norte’s greatest son President Ferdinand Edralin

Various activities across the province have been held in honor of FEM,
notably known among Ilocanos as _Apo Lakay._

The celebration was highlighted by ‘RAK EN ROL’ musical which
received accolades and warm responses from the audience during its
premier on September 11, the birthday of FEM.

Featuring hit songs from the 1970s, Governor Imee R. Marcos said that
the musical rekindled memories of “the golden age of rock and roll in
the Philippines, film and art and all that was best in the country.”

“Bringing a retrospection of what it looks like during the 70s, the
play serves as a guide for the future generation,” noted Director
Jeremy dela Cruz.

With most of the audience during the play were young Ilocanos, the
Marcos Fiesta is known to be one of the biggest events in the province
that showcases their talents and skills.

On September 10, Da Real Makoy Literary and Arts Competitions at Ilocos
Norte Centennial Arena brought together hundreds of young Ilocanos to
honor FEM’s legacy as a prolific debater, writer and orator.

The annual FEM Intercollegiate Debate Cup, an event held to show _Apo
Lakay’s_ massive influence on the collective voice of the Ilocano
youth, on September 14 to 16 capped off the weeklong festivities.

“As we celebrate Apo Lakay’s birthday, the Ilocano youth tries to
emulate his greatness and what he has achieved for our province and the
entire nation,” said Richard Agustin of Sirib Ilocano Kabataan
Association (SIKA).

The Marcos Family joined by numerous Ilocanos and Marcos loyalists also
offered a thanksgiving mass on September 12 at Sta. Monica Parish Church
in Sarrat, the birthplace of FEM.

Following the mass was the unveiling of the life-size statue of FEM
located in Sarrat town plaza.

“It seems that a statue is appropriate for a man, who in his lifetime
of public service did so very much not for himself, not even for his
family, not even for just his community, but for his entire country,”
said Senator Bongbong Marcos.

Celebrating also his birthday on September 13, Senator Bongbong together
with Governor Imee and other members of the Marcos Family also conducted
a relief caravan for the benefit of the typhoon Ineng victims at
Dingras, Solsona and La Paz.

Aside from these activities, a cook-off showdown of _Apo Lakay’s
_favorite Ilocano dish _dinengdeng_ at the Imelda Cultural Center in
Batac City; a Marcos Fiesta Job Fair which served more than 300 job
seekers; and Marcos Combat Shooters participated by at least 400
national and international combat shooters were held to pay tribute to
FEM’s greatness.

In behalf of the Marcos Family, Governor Imee R. Marcos expressed her
gratitude to everyone for “joining us in celebrating and remembering
the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.”