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Ilocos Norte 2022 budget to spur COVID-19 recovery

Published on 2021-12-02

Last Updated 2021-12-06 00:18:00

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The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) has set an estimated P2.429 billion in its budget for 2022 to continue strengthening its emergency response, crisis management, and quick recovery efforts from COVID-19.

The Draft Provincial Appropriation Ordinance 2021-10-084 was approved on its third and final reading on November 29, authorizing the annual budget of PGIN for fiscal year 2022 in the amount of P2,428,711,157.64, covering various expenditures for the operation of the Provincial Government and appropriating the necessary funds for the purpose.

In his Budget Message 2022, Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc emphasized the importance of recovering and moving forward under the new normal by spurring economic activities that would give gainful opportunities for the Ilocano community.

"In the coming year, with a stronger resolve, we will keep moving towards a stable recovery and set focus on ensuring that all Ilocanos are safe and can provide for their families," the Budget Message 2022 stated. 

The focus of next year's budget is on upgrading healthcare services, revitalizing tourism and investing in livelihood programs, sustaining the environment, and supporting agriculture.

In particular, more than P651 million, the largest percentage of the provincial budget for 2022, is earmarked for the maintenance and improvement of government-run hospitals in Ilocos Norte.

Under the 5% Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund, the provincial budget also allocates over P112 million for emergency relief operations, and some P35.6 million for the procurement of COVID-19 and other infectious disease response logistics.

Meanwhile, about P55 million has been allocated to the Provincial Economic Group in support of the Provincial Government's aggressive job-creation campaign in order to alleviate the situation and protect the rights of the Ilocano workforce.

Furthermore, about P21.6 million and P5 million will be provided to the Provincial Government's greening projects and assistance programs for ASF-affected hog raisers, respectively.

"These have been our priorities for the past years and will continue to be so in the coming year. Our grounded assessment of the crisis' dire effects has allowed us to create suitable recovery measures to ensure that no Ilocano is left behind.

"With this Budget, we renew our commitment to uplift the lives of our people by providing more economic opportunities in a stable environment and while ensuring access to quality public services. We will keep working to build our economy in Ilocos Norte with a focus on inclusive prosperity," Governor Manotoc concluded.


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