Ilocano working student gets a chance to explore his home province thru ‘Paoay Kumakaway! Employment Program’


Apr. 08, 2016 ...

In the past five years, Ilocos Norte’s tourism industry reached a growth that translated to more investment and meaningful jobs for Ilocanos and Clyde Rosqueta, 19, of San Nicolas town shares how this brought not only financial assistance to him and his family but also mapped out a chance for him to explore Ilocos Norte.

Rosqueta, a working-student and BS in Civil Engineering student of Mariano Marcos State University, was hired as a tourist aide of the Paoay Kumakaway! Employment Program of the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office (INTO) last year.

As the province’s tourism industry continues to grow, INTO hires part-time students, out-of-school youth as well as health practitioners to serve as tourist aides, utility personnel and paramedics across the 42 tourist centers in the province thereby helping the provincial government meet the demands and needs of the visitors.

This Holy Week alone, 444,980 day tourists visited the province, contributing to the 91.24% increase in arrivals compared to the same period last year.

Striving to finish his studies, Rosqueta noted that the program not only helped his family in defraying the cost of his studies but “actually made him appreciate the innate beauty of Ilocos Norte even more.”

“My experience with the program gave me the chance to explore Ilocos Norte as guiding visitors lead me to see the famous sites here and certainly our province really has a lot to offer,” beamed Rosqueta in Ilocano.

Throughout the years, Governor Imee R. Marcos actively supported the development of the Ilocano youth as their talents and skills can be tapped in the on-going transformation efforts of Ilocos Norte.

“While the quality of our students is undoubted, they lack the work experience and the so-called ‘soft skills’—teamwork, resourcefulness, problem solving,” said Governor Marcos.

Thus, at the beginning of her administration, Governor Marcos intensified efforts to employ more young Ilocanos wherein more than 3,500 were hired under the Special Program for the Employment of Students since 2012 as compared to the meager 25 in 2009.

Rosqueta, who re-applied to the program this summer season, affirmed that his self-confidence boosted with his experience last year, admitting that “family problems sometimes hinder him to socialize with other people.”

He added that aside “from receiving financial assistance being a tourist aide taught me to deal with people from different walks of life.”

Since 2012, the program had employed over 3200 Ilocanos, adding to the 630 personnel being hired again this summer season alone. The program is also employing in December as tourist arrivals and activities are in full-swing during the holidays.

In an earlier interview, INTO Head Aianree Raquel noted that the cooperation of the hired tourist aides proved to be of great help to the overall performance of the province when visitors surge in Ilocos Norte, most recently during the Holy Week.

“I would like to use this opportunity to thank Governor Imee for her unending support to all of us and I am very lucky and grateful to be a part of Ilocos Norte. Please continue to not only be a great leader but serve as an inspiration to all of us,” highlighted Rosqueta.