Gov Marcos: "INstigate trouble" for transformative local governance


Mar. 13, 2017 ...

Sharing her principles in local governance at the Asia CEO Forum last March 8, Governor Imee R. Marcos potential investors for Ilocos Norte to "INstigate trouble, whenever and wherever possible!"

Likening her experiences as a governor to that of her background in arts and media production, she shared, "On the first day of shooting, producers expect some havoc and mayhem. In fact, a great movie always has parts unplanned and unscripted, brilliant improvisational exchanges that will lift formula film to 'cinemagic!'"

One such move that set apart her administration was her pulling down of fences around the Provincial Capitol in 2010. Despite initial security concerns that employees would be mugged and the place robbed, "I was determined to open the Capitol to the people."

Today, the "Open Capitol" is an annual provincial event inviting everyone from schoolchildren to tourists to enter as visitors in the Capitol offices, "including the Governor's Office and the big old safe containing checks, bankbooks, and even cash."

This, according to the governor, set all eyes on the Capitol which compelled employees from every department to provide the public services expected of them.

Even riskier, she said, was the organization of the Metro Ilocos Norte Council (MINC) and her urging of tricycles and jeeps to share terminals and routes as MINC strategized and experimented to streamline the transport sector and prevent the traffic crisis so characteristic of Metro Manila, particularly in light of increasing private vehicles in the capital city, Laoag.

"Through trial-and-error... the province now sells gasoline and tires at deeply discounted prices. We operate parking lots and transport terminals, and will soon be launching a trade-in program of unsafe, substandard tricycles for electric ones," she announced, pointing out that no one in Ilocos Norte had bothered to join the nationwide transport strikes.

She urged her listeners, mainly composed of businessmen and executive officers, to continue taking risks even when it appears to be asking for trouble, saying that significant transformation always requires sacrifice and discomfort.