Gov. Manotoc extends relief to family of 17-year-old 'Ineng' victim


Aug. 27, 2019 ...

At two in the morning of August 26, Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc personally visited the wake of Pauleen Joy Corpuz, the 17-year-old victim of the landslide brought by Severe Tropical Storm "Ineng" (International name: Bailu) at Brgy. Surong, Pasuquin.

Gov. Manotoc personally handed cash assistance to the grieving family as augmentation for the funeral expenses as part of additional relief packages from the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN).

Extending her gratefulness for the support of the PGIN headed by Gov. Manotoc, Ms. Eva Gamboa, Corpuz' mother, expressed, "Ag-thank thank you kami ta addada Governor a mangtultulong kanyami a marigrigat. Dikami makasupsupali ti tulong nga inpaayda kadakami."

[We are truly grateful for having a Governor who always supports the indigents. We do not know how to compensate the assistance they have provided us.]

According to Gamboa, her daughter was with relatives at around three in the morning of August 24 when an unexpected landslide hit. Rescue volunteers recovered her body by nine in the morning.  

Corpuz is the fourth child among nine siblings in the family. She was a Grade 11 student at Ilocos Norte Agricultural College (INAC) in Pasuquin town.

Recounting the promise of her daughter, Gamboa shared, "Aggraduarnak ton tawen nga umayen inangko. Tulungan kanto a mangpabasa kadagita adingko a babassiten."

[I will graduate this coming year, mother. If that happens, I can already help you to send my younger siblings to school.]

37 years old Ricky Manglan-lan who was carried by the floodwaters while helping his neighbors evacuate, is another "Ineng" casualty.  

"My deepest condolences to the families of the two casualties. I was with them this morning and we will continue to lend our support," Gov. Manotoc shared.

Hopeful to deliver relief operations as soon as possible to the hardest-hit barangays, Gov. Manotoc conducted series of relief distributions and ocular inspections until wee hours in the municipalities of Bangui, Vintar, Paoay, and the City of Laoag.

"Rest assured that the Provincial Government and I are here to help you kahit anong mangyari. We are here to ease the effects of this natural calamity."

Assistance from the national agencies and private sectors continue to arrive in the province, intensifying the relief efforts of the Provincial Government for earlier recovery from the devastating aftermath of "Ineng."