Goat, poultry farming encouraged in Ilocos Norte ASF-hit towns


Jul. 15, 2021 ...

The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVET) is urging Ilokano hog raisers to adapt to livestock production alternatives for now to cushion the economic impact of ASF in affected communities.

In addition to the initial aid delivered to ASF outbreak areas last June 15, PVET's livestock facility and the Local Government of Solsona's roll-over project distributed 15 heads of sheep, two (2) goats, and one (1) cattle to affected hog raisers.

Aside from these, each of the affected small backyard raisers in Barangay Maan-anteng, Solsona also received family food packs.

Dr. Loida Valenzuela, the Provincial Veterinarian, noted that until the swine disease is completely eradicated, ASF-affected farmers would be provided alternative means of profitable farming such as goat, sheep, cattle, and poultry production.

At present, ASF has been detected in Dingras, Marcos, and Solsona towns. PVET, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (DA) and local government units, is actively monitoring the buffer zones such as Banna, Batac City, Carasi, Nueva Era, Piddig, and Sarrat to prevent virus transmission.

More than 3,000 hogs have been depopulated within a 500-meter radius of the afflicted sites as of yesterday, affecting over 300 small backyard growers.

The Department of Agriculture has been processing monetary help to farmers in the amount of Php 5,000.00 for each culled hog.

Dr. Valenzuela assured that the Provincial Government is exhausting all resources to mitigate the effects of the ASF, and she appealed for the LGUs' and public's continued support in containing the disease's spread in the province.