Environmental protection tops VG Marcos' priorities


Jul. 19, 2019 ...

Hopeful to continue the initiatives of her late husband, former Provincial Board Member Mariano "Nonong" Marcos II, the novice Vice Governor Cecilia Araneta–Marcos sees importance in continuing the advocacy of preserving and protecting the environment through the anti-plastic ordinance.  

The late Board Member Marcos was the chairperson of the Committee on Environment from 2016-2019. He also sponsored Provincial Ordinance No. 056-2007, also known as the Enactment of Ilocos Norte Environmental Code of 2007 which aims to provide framework of norms, standards, and requirements in the restoration and sustainability of nature in the province.

"I am very passionate about the ordinance since my husband is the one who sponsored Ilocos Norte's environment code and right now we talk about the issue about single-use plastic and how to penalize violators," Vice Gov. Marcos said. 

According to her, the provincial board is currently "researching" on ways to transform the single-use plastics into useful tools before the ordinance be fully implemented.

Moreover, she commended the "Basura Exchange School Tiangge" Program of Burgos Central Elementary School, an initiative encouraging students to collect garbage such as chip packets, plastic cups and bottles, and styrofoams in exchange of school supplies or grocery items. Collected plastic wastes are molded to make eco-bricks.

"I heard about the program and it is parallel to my advocacy— for the local government units to incentivize individuals who collect garbage. If there is no incentive, they will not be motivated to do anything about the plastic [wastes]," she expressed.

As stewards of the environment, Vice Gov. Marcos urges the whole Ilocano community to support the efforts of the Provincial Government and work hand in hand in combating the environmental problems, specifically the mismanagement of single-use plastics.