Barangay eco-parks among Gov. Manotoc's priorities


Jan. 26, 2021 ...

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc urged barangay officials to create greener and more sustainable spaces across the province by establishing community-based eco-parks.  

In his recent press briefing, Governor Manotoc said that the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) has allotted Php 200,000.00 for each barangay to build a trifunctional public space.

"The barangay eco-parks will have three components. First is the regular playground for kids. The second would be the agricultural component, so we will have barangay-based farming. The third would be a composting site, which will help in our solid waste management. We can make locally-sourced fertilizers," Governor Manotoc explained. 

He continued, "I am hopeful that our barangays will inaugurate and establish or improve existing parks to have these three components."

At present, the Provincial Government is constructing its pilot Cluster Plastic Recycling and Materials Recovery Facility in Marcos town.

Annually, PGIN, through the Environment and Natural Resources Office, recognizes outstanding conservation efforts of barangays, particularly their solid waste management plan, environment management and sustainability initiatives, and well-managed public places, among others