Animal dispersal program beneficiary thanks PGIN for fulfilled wish


Mar. 23, 2016 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte’s (PGIN) animal dispersal program helped a resident of Brgy. San Ramon, Vintar fulfill her wish of raising livestock again after her pigs were washed up by typhoon few years ago.

Rheena Agpaoa, 38, thanked PGIN for giving her opportunity to start a small business and raise animals again.

She was one of the beneficiaries of the provincial government’s rehabilitation program in the aftermath of Typhoon Mario last 2014.

Through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), she was given 21 broiler chicks as livelihood assistance.

Her profit from the broiler chicks was used to purchase a piglet which she sold at Php 6,000.00. She then bought another two piglets and at present, the business continues to grow.

It is their source of money to support the studies of her first child who previously stopped due to financial problem.

They were also able to replace their house’s roof which was frequently damaged by typhoons before. Recalling her life struggles in the past, Agpaoa shared that they often experience floods in their area even without heavy rain.

“I and my family are very grateful because we were given a chance to raise livestock again which I used as capital to grow a business. It is indeed a dream come true,” she said in Ilocano.

Working as a farmer and helper in a local eatery, she shared that she used to raise chicken and pigs before but she ran out of money to continue the business.

The program is part of the provincial government’s goal to eradicate extreme poverty in the province by providing income-generating opportunities to disadvantaged families.

PGIN also offers loan assistance to small-scale entrepreneurs in order to help them expand their businesses through the PSWDO and Gender and Development Office.

In her State of the Province Address (SOPA) 2015, Governor Imee Marcos proudly announced that “poverty [in Ilocos Norte] has now fallen to a record of 8.4%” from 28% in 2010.

As a result, the province was named as one of the least poor provinces in the country since 2013.

Ilocos Norte was also recognized as one of the few provinces to achieve the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations Development Programme last year.

Citing in her SOPA the stories of various Ilocanos whose lives have seen remarkable progress in the past few years (including Agpaoa), Gov. Marcos emphasized that it was ‘timpuyog,’ (Ilocano for unity) which helped transform the province anew.