13 waves of relief distribution: Ilocos Norte coastal barangay sails amid COVID-19


Apr. 13, 2020 ...

A coastal barangay in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte is literally making waves (of relief goods)— "sailing" for the thirteenth round of distribution while Luzon island is under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) as the nation continues to grapple the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Maika-13 a distribution tay napasamak itayen ken adda pay pasangpetentayo nga ited dagiti kabarangayantayo nga adda iti ballasiw-taaw," declared Barangay Captain Elviro P. Agoo.

[We already recorded at most thirteenth rounds of relief distribution (in a particular sitio) and we are expecting more donations from our barangay constituents who are living abroad.]

Notably, a barangay of industrious farmers and fisherfolks that annually celebrates their bountiful harvest through the Dumadara Festival, Barangay Davila is also home to a deeply-rooted group of global Ilokano. 

"Nangnangruna, dagitoy a relief goods ket aggapo ti Davilanians Association ken dagiti naduma-duma nga organisasion. Naayatda a mangtulong kadagiti kabarangayantayo ditoy Brgy. Davila manipod idi nangrugi ti ECQ," he stated. 

[Most of our relief goods were donated by the Davilanians Association and several organizations. They have been donating for our people since ECQ was declared.]

Captain Agoo explained that barangay constituents living abroad and some well-off residents would pitch in contributions to stock up adequate food supply for their respective sitio, thus explains the feat.

"Maragsakannak although naka-quarantine-tayo. Dagiti kabarangayantayo iti ballasiw-taaw ti nag-initiate kadaytoy pannakaibunong ken pannaka-distribute dagitoy relief goods. Adda latta ayudada tapnu saanda a rumrumuar.

"Ti pagyamanak pay, agtultuloy latta ti panagited dagiti kalugarantayo. Adda pay ited ti Govierno Provinsial ket nu sumangpeten, i-distribute-tayo a sigod tapno saan nga agbisin dagiti kalugarantayo.

[Although we are on quarantine, I am quite happy (because of this). They have initiated to help their neighbors by providing them relief goods. Giving them enough supply would also ensure they stay at home.]

[Above all, I am thankful because they are sustaining their aid as a way to compensate for relief goods given by the Provincial Government. When the supply arrives, we try our best to immediately distribute these so our people will not go hungry.]

On top of the P 500,000 worth of relief goods, Brgy. Davila still has a portion of the 5% Barangay Calamity Fund and Emergency Fund in its "war chest."

When asked what crisis strategy he can share to his fellow grassroots officials, Captain Agoo impressed:

"Amin a kalugarantayo, botante man wenno saan, tulunganyo ta daytoy ket sakit, awan mailanglangi."

[All people, including the non-voting public must be given help because this is a disease (we are facing). No one should be left behind.]  

 "Agtitinnulongtayo kadi kakabsat ken amin-amin a barangay tapnu ti kabiitan a panawen ket mangabak tayo ti laban kontra COVID-19."

[All barangay should help each other to defeat COVID-19 soonest.]

Amid the pandemic, Barangay Davila residents continue to do their livelihood while observing strict measures endorsed by authorities.