Investment Opportunities

Investment Potentials:

  • Production Capital
  • Acquisition of Agricultural Land for expansion areas
  • Farm Development
  • Processing Facilities, Equipment and Warehouse
  • Packaging


Ilocos Norte has an effective corn area of 12,000 hectares both for yellow and white corn. Yellow corn is transported to southern part of the country while the white corn is processed locally into “cornick” or “Chichacorn”.

Dragon Fruit

Ilocos Norte has the suitable climatic condition for dragon fruit cactus plantation. There is a total production of 969 metric tons yearly which can be processed to dried, frozen fresh, ice cream, jam and wine.


The province is the second largest mango producer in the Northern Philippines. Production is about 31,246.55 metric tons yearly, of which 60 metric tons is processed into puree, juice, dried mango.


Moringa or malunggay tree thrives abudantly in the province. There is an export market for moringa in powdered form for food supplemnents, cosmetics, and medicinal use.

Black Garlic Processing

The Province is the country’s top garlic producer contributing to 70% of national output. Ilocos Black Garlic is said to have 17 times stronger antioxidant effect compared to regular garlic.

Shallot Production

The Province is the second-largest producerof native shallots in the Philippines. Potential investment is in both fresh and processed shallots (pickled & chips).

Organic Vegetable Production

Ilocos Norte has 30.5 hectares of land planted with organic produce such as lettuce, arugula, kale, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, local herbs and vegetables, and upland rice.

Naturally Grown Livestock

Ilocos Norte has various existing farms for livestock commodity production. These farms were categorized as Government Facilities, Layer Farms, and Organic and Agri-Techo Demo Farm. Animal type raised in the province are Carabao, Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Chicken, and Swine.