He is the former Senior Board Member of the Province of Ilocos Norte and also the Chairman of the National Movement of Young Legislators – Ilocos Norte Chapter from 2016 to June 2019.

Now, as Provincial Governor, he is determined to further transform Ilocos Norte into a healthier and a more progressive home. His leadership visions are focused on improving the province’s health system, attaining a cleaner environment, sustaining support for the agriculture sector, streamlining transportation, inviting more investors, and creating employment opportunities. Indeed, his efficiency as a leader is geared towards achieving a brilliant dream and launching a sustainable future through providing greater opportunities, improved capacity, and more enabling environment.

When he first took office, one of his objectives is to make health services more accessible and more inclusive by funding and upgrading medical facilities and public health programs. He later on initiated the creation of an inter-agency committee to guarantee the delivery of basic health services to the province’s indigenous people and communities. Likewise, by next year, the Provincial Government will be offering the scholarship assistance for medical students, thus increasing the number of health personnel and doctors practicing in the province. His flagship program, “NariMAT nga Aglawlaw,” also debuted last October, strengthening the province’s bid for cleaner, greener, and healthier environment. Moreover, the Provincial Government is currently conducting a series of soil restoration program in selected municipalities to increase the productivity of our arable lands and ensure greater yield of our high value crops. Furthermore, with the help of partner agencies, free WiFi services have been installed in several public areas, equipping the province with upgraded internet connectivity and accessible communication services.

With his consultative brand of leadership, commendable services, and exemplary attitude towards governance, he accepted the challenge to lead and partake in the collective transformation and self-empowerment of Ilokano community, enjoining everyone to help in achieving a brighter future for every family— Narimat nga arapaap, intay’ amin maragpat!