Pasingkedan ti kinatan-ok ni ilokano

Together, we can make Ilocos Norte great again!


Mission 1: Rapid and Sustained Growth

  • General Public Services thru:
  • Automation of Real Property Records
  • Provincial counterpart for various projects
  • Peace and order program
  • Retrofitting of public buildings and facilities
  • Communication services of the Executive Department
  • Automation of business of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan
  • Economic Services thru:
  • Maintenance of Fish Farms and agricultural facilities
  • Strengthening of extension delivery system
  • Agricultural Diversification Program
  • Integrated Coastal Management
  • Industry, Trade, Investment and Tourism Development Program
  • Upgrading/Maintenance of provincial infrastructure including roads and bridges
  • Environmental Management Program
  • Climate Change Adaptation

Mission 2: Inclusive Growth

  • General Public Services thru:
  • Development planning and marketing for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) packages
  • Economic Services thru:
  • Animal quarantine services
  • Social Services thru:
  • Hospital services (e.g. Philhealth Program, purchase of medicines and medical supplies)
  • Nutrition Program
  • Health Sector Development Project (HSDP)
  • Population Management Program
  • Self-Employment Assistance Program
  • Education, Youth and Sports Development
  • Provincial Education and “Saguip Maestra” Programs

Mission 3: Enabling Environment

  • General Public Services thru:
  • Capacity building for economic diversification
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Program
  • Aid to barangays
  • Subsidy to National Government Agencies
  • Economic Services thru:
  • Animal Dispersal Project
  • Animal Disease Prevention and Control
  • Social Services thru:
  • Construction of Provincial Library
  • Community Integrated Human Development
  • Alay Kalinga Program

Mission 4: Uphold Ilocano Heritage and Positive Values

  • Social Services thru:
  • Education, Culture and Arts Development Program
  • Upholding Ilocano positive values:
  • God-fearing
  • Industriousness
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Frugality and Humility
  • Perseverance
  • Resiliency and Resourcefulness
  • Creativity and Innovativeness
  • Patriotism