Gov. Marcos Manotoc: No official nCoV cases in Ilocos Norte


Jan. 29, 2020 ...

In light of the video circulated today in social media regarding the presence of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the province, Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc informed the public that Ilocos Norte is still "coronavirus" free.

Later today, a health practitioner posted a video on Facebook claiming that there was an alleged 2019-nCoV case in Ilocos Norte. However, he deleted the said video and posted another one retracting his previous statement. 

"We are very unhappy regarding the baseless and unscrupulous video posted. It is not only untrue but also irresponsible. I think one of the most important things in a situation like this is not to panic and not to cause panic— and that's what the video has done," Governor Marcos Manotoc expressed.

"So to make an official statement that the video is false and misleading and as the DOH [Department of Health] has confirmed, there are no official cases of the coronavirus here in the Philippines and that includes Ilocos Norte," he continued.

According to DOH, there are still no confirmed cases in the Philippines but there are 23 patients under investigation for suspected 2019-nCoV to date. On the other hand, mainland China records 132 death cases and over 6,000 virus-infected patients.

Moreover, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Josephine Ruedas reminded the community to practice proper handwashing and observe "cough manners" particularly in public areas. She also shared that the Laoag International Airport will be starting its thermal scanning operation to all passengers by next week. 

"I plead to the public to be responsible in sharing information...Let's make sure it's verified before we click share," Governor Marcos Manotoc concluded.