"Be well-rounded," Senior BM Manotoc reminds prov'l scholars

Apr 05, 2018 ...

Scholar's mother thankful for inspiration, self-confidence from incentives

Distributing stipends to 330 scholars under the Provincial Education Department (PED) yesterday, April 4, Senior Provincial Board Member Matthew Marcos Manotoc encouraged them to be "well-rounded" and explore other aspects of their personal development.

"Academic scholars can also engage in sports, while the athletic scholars should still continue exerting in academics," he suggested.

Under the PED are the academic, technical-vocational, and athletic scholarship programs with 186, 92, and 52 beneficiaries, respectively.

Athletic scholarships were the initiative of SBM Manotoc through Provincial Ordinance No. 005-2016.

Mrs. Camellee Arzaga, mother of 9th Grade Swimmer Carl Justin, said that the scholarship serves to inspire students to continue training "kasi siempre, adda sukat na dagitay rigatda a mapmapan agte-training." (Kasi siyempre, may kapalit yung hirap nila na nagte-training.)

She also shared that the incentive to get involved and excel in sports is a help in keeping the youth away from vices.

"Instead a mapan agballog, agbarkada, agdiretso 'suda idiay trainingenken no malpas tay training dan awan to met oras da nga agballogen kasi rabiin, nabannog da payen." (Kaysa maglakwatsa kasama ang mga barkada, didiretso sila sa training, at pagkatapos ng training nila, wala na silang oras maglakwatsa kasi gabi na nga at pagod na rin sila.)

Carl Justin, or CJ, has been competing in the Region 1 Athletic Association (R1AA) since 2016. He ranked second in the last city meet.

Thanking SBM Manotoc, Arzaga said, "Dakkel a tulong kanyada daytoy. Pangingato pay ti confidenceda, kasi addaka a mangpanpanunot iti pagsayaatanda." (Malaking tulong ito sa kanila. Pampataas din ng confidence nila dahil nandiyan ka na iniisip ang ikabubuti nila.)

PED Officer in Charge Mrs. Matilde Nery also shared that there is an ongoing proposal, in coordination with the Ilocos Norte Youth Development Office (INYDO), not only to provide more scholarship slots, but also to add another type of scholarship for senior high school students.


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